Payment is accepted through Paypal; a request for payment will be sent to your email address. A down payment of 50% of the cost of the package that you select will be required before work on your design begins. This down payment will go towards the final cost of your design, and is non-refundable should you later decide that you do not want your project completed.

Project Process and Completion

I will work with you to complete your design to your satisfaction. During this process, I will be emailing you frequently, so please be available to respond so that we can expedite your design. When you initially contact me, I will give you an approximate wait time until the completion of your design, but the actual time it takes will depend on many things. I do understand that your design is important, and will work as expeditiously as possible to complete it in a reasonable time frame.


All content found at Memories by Design is protected by U.S. Copyright law, and remains the property of Memories by Design. While the client is given the right to display the design, and to add widgets, text, photos, and posts, no graphic, design, or layout may be altered or changed for any reason. When you purchase a blog design or element from me, you are entitled to use that design for one specific URL. You may not use it for any additional URLs, or in any way alter the graphics for use on another blog or website.


All completed blog designs by Memories by Design will have a linkback on the site; if you would leave this linkback in place as long as you have the design installed, I would appreciate it.